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September 2018
Oct 04, 2018

 September Town of Cross Board Meeting

Town of Cross, Buffalo County, State of Wisconsin

September 11th, 2018

Chairman Leonard Litscher called the September Town Board meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00PM on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 at the Cross Town Hall. Present were: Town Chair Leonard Litscher, Town Supervisors Jack Wicka and Adam Litscher, Town Clerk Carrie Venner-Adams, Town Treasurer Wanda Putz. Also present: Bob Baures, Bob Putz, Brent Hohmann, Autumn Brown, Carol A. Litscher, and Carol Risley.

The agenda was posted and on the website. Motion was made to approve agenda (MOTION A. Litscher/J. Wicka), no opposing votes.

Minutes of Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 Town Board meeting were approved (MOTION A. Litscher/J. Wicka), no opposing votes.

Payment orders #13146- #13152 were approved and ordered paid.

Road maintenance was discussed. Town of Cross will wait until next year to work on River Road, budget does not allow for it to be done this year. There is a driveway that is not in compliance and causing damage to the Town’s Ziegler Road, resident will be notified. Alpine Road was discussed, budget not allowing for a lot to be done this year, highway contractor Bob Baures will look at options: possibly dump rock and grade it out.

Highway expenditures were examined, end of September 2018: $ 222,617.74/$260,000.00

Highway Maintenance Contract with Baures was reviewed and discussed. Motion was made to sign 3-year contract with Baures (MOTION L.Litscher/A. Litscher), no opposing votes.

Community Center was discussed. Kitchen floor will be replaced. Architect Gary Kastner will contact Contractor Steve Duellman with the following warranty items: storage doors not closing properly, entry door, stall in men’s bathroom, hole in cement on back side of building. Motion was made to hire Daryl Schmitt to mow lawn (MOTION A. Litscher/J. Wicka), one opposing vote. Motion was made to implement new Rental and User agreements (MOTION L. Litscher/J. Wicka), no opposing votes. Motion was made to rescind April Motion “to have the Community Center open on the third Wednesday of every month from noon to 3pm” (MOTION L. Litscher/J. Wicka), one opposing vote. Motion was made to get the door closers installed on end doors (MOTION L. Litscher/J. Wicka), no opposing votes.

The Town of Cross zoning map was switched to ANR40 were applicable. Zoning map and Zoning ordinance will be adopted at a later meeting.

Annual town road certification was completed.

Dates were set:    Wednesday, Oct 10: October meeting;            Wednesday, October 24th: Budget Workshop;               Thursday, Nov 8th: November meeting;      Monday, Nov 26th: Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting

Public Input: Request was made for election wages to be reviewed.

At 10:35pm, with no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


/s/  Carrie A. Venner-Adams     Carrie A Venner-Adams, Clerk     

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