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august 2017 Minutes
Sep 07, 2017

 Wednesday, August 16th, 2017                                                                 State of Wisconsin

Town of Cross, Buffalo County

August 16th, 2017 Town Board Meeting


Chairman Leonard Litscher called August Town Board meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00PM on Wednesday, August 16th at the Cross Town Hall. Present were: Town Chair Leonard Litscher, Town Supervisors Adam Litscher and Jack Wicka, Town Clerk Carrie Venner, Town Treasurer Wanda Putz. Also present: Bob Baures, Bob Putz, Aaron Camacho, Jenny Schaffner, Carol Risley, Allen Neumann, Gary Kastner, Dave Ernst and Tom Clark.


The agenda was posted and on the website. Motion was made to amend agenda to put “Consider and take possible action on the community center” next. Motion made to approve amended agenda (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Community Center was discussed.  2 Field reports and invoices were examined. Motion was made for change order to move one of the furnaces (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Resident voiced concern about Mustang Road, Board is aware but explained that Highway Budget is depleted after July heavy rains and priorities for needs on road work has changed due to the disaster. Resident also asked where banking is done: Waumandee State Bank. Resident also voiced she wanted copy of ordinances and by-laws, it was explained we follow state statues, we do not have our own by-laws; and open records requests need to be in writing.


Tom Clark introduced himself; he is running for Judge of Buffalo County, Judge Duvall will be retiring in August. It is a 6-year term.  


Minutes of July 12th meeting were approved (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Payment orders #12952-12957 and CapX #1020-1021 were approved and ordered paid.


Highway expenditures were examined, end of August $ 187,291.04 /$250,000.00  


Contract for highway maintenance was discussed; board would like to open for bids spring or later in the year of 2018. Board asked Baures if they will do a 9 month or 12 month contract, the Board will wait for the reply and revisit issue at September meeting.


Highway maintenance was discussed. Many roads are still being repaired from July flooding.


July 19-20 flooding and heavy rains disaster was discussed. Preliminary reports have been given to FEMA. The Town of Cross has about $50,000 in preliminary damages.


The Fountain City Fire Department Budget Meeting was discussed. Assessment for Town of Cross will be the same as this year: $11,500.


Date was set for September Meeting: Wednesday, September 13th


At 9:20pm, with no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.



/s/ Carrie A. Venner             Carrie Venner, Clerk





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