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July 2017 Minutes
Aug 09, 2017

 Wednesday, July 12h, 2017                                                                      State of Wisconsin

Town of Cross, Buffalo County

July 12th, 2017 Town Board Meeting


Chairman Leonard Litscher called July Town Board meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00PM on Wednesday, July 12th at the Cross Town Hall. Present were: Town Chair Leonard Litscher, Town Supervisors Adam Litscher and Jack Wicka, Town Clerk Carrie Venner, Town Treasurer Wanda Putz. Also present: Bob Baures, Bob Putz, Darryl Schmitt, Aaron Camacho, and Allen Neumann.


The agenda was posted and on the website. Motion was made to approve agenda (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Resident voiced concerns with Ziegler road. Resident concerned about Mustang Road, comments tabled until “Road Maintenance” when Mustang Road will be discussed.


Minutes of June 15th meeting were approved (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Payment orders #12940-12951 and CapX #1018 were approved and ordered paid.


Road maintenance was discussed. Motion made to take public input on Mustang Road. Resident voiced concern on maintenance of Mustang Road: problems for the past 4 years and it is still not complete, no phone calls or letters about condition of road, what is timeline for work completion. Chair explained that the town has to do roadwork based on priorities and with flooding last August and lots of rain the last year Town has been unable to complete job but has always worked to make sure it is usable and safe.         Road maintenance was continued after no more discussion allowed on Mustang road. Motion made to accept bid From Oium for Doelle Valley Road, Buhler Valley Road radius and shoulder (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Highway expenditures were examined, end of July $ 120,276.03 /$250,000.00  

Community Center/Town Hall Was discussed. Roof needs to be certified. Motion was made to move one of the furnaces to storage room (MOTION A. Litscher/J. Wicka), No opposing votes. Motion made to accept change orders for a 50 amp circuit and a security system from Audio Designs (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes. Discussion on July 7 Field Report and Certificate of Payment, Motion made to make payment to Steve’s Construction (payment order CapX 1019) (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.


Buffalo County WTA meeting Monday, July 17th.


Supervisor requested we look at Road Maintenance Agreement Contract and post for bids, contract up in October.


Date was set for August Meeting: Wednesday, August 16th.  


At 9:45pm, with no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned (MOTION A. Litscher/J.Wicka), no opposing votes.



/s/ Carrie A. Venner             Carrie Venner, Clerk




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