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ANNUAL MEETING 2013 minutes
May 07, 2013

State of Wisconsin

Town of Cross, Buffalo County

Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Chair Leonard Litscher called the meeting to order at 7:30PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the Cross town Hall. Present were 12 electors: Leonard Litscher, Bob Putz, Wanda Putz, Jack Wicka, Corey Kubis, Chris Klein, Loyal Guenther, Carol Litscher, Daryl Schmitt, Carol Risley, Genevieve Schaffner, Carrie Bissen and non-electors: David Brommerich (C-FC Recorder), & Barbara Taves (CapX 2020 Representative).


The notice of the Annual Meeting was posted, published, available at spring election and in the Town Hall mailbox, and mailed upon request.


Minutes of the April 17, 2012 Annual Meeting were approved and read (MOTION: Wicka/Guenther), no opposing votes. The minutes of the November 2012 Budget Hearing/Meeting were read for informational purposes.


The treasurer reported a checking account balance of $18,939.18, Money Market account balance of $38,221.37. Treasurer Wanda Putz noted that $10,000.00 that is in Money Market is there for the re-val  fire truck in 2014.


Road Projects for the 2012 year included finishing Brandhorst Road blacktop project; Crack-filled and sealed Buehler Valley road, worked on Buehler Valley road by Sutter and worked on the Joos Valley Road reconstruction project.


Fire protection costs: $11,604.40 runs/asst; $ 975.80 State Fire dues; $ 768.26 fuel share. The Annual report was presented. After discussion, the Town adopted the Annual Report (MOTION: Schmitt/Risley), no opposing votes.


Proposed 2013 Road work included: continue work on Joos Valley reconstruction, some roads need crack fill and seal but it will be looked at budget–permitting. Winter road maintenance costs have made our budget tight due to the large amount of winter weather that we had.


CapX2020 representative Barbara A. Taves introduced herself and talked with the group, including answering any questions. Right now the project is in its initial stages with soil-borings taking place, next step in the project is poll installation. The projected date for the line to be energized is in the year 2015. Her office is out of Winona and she is available to answer any questions and be of assistance to the Town of Cross in any way that she can.


The Board will take action to extend the terms of office of current officials for one week. Officials elected in 2014 take office on the third Tuesday in April. Current terms end the second Tuesday of April. Current officer’s terms will be extended by one week.


Town of Cross residents passed a referendum to appoint the positions of town treasurer and town clerk. The Board has appointed Wanda Putz as the Town Treasurer and Carrie Bissen as the Town Clerk. The Town of Cross thanked Genevieve Schaffner for her 26 years for a job well done as the Town of Cross Clerk.


The Town Board asked that the residents please inform the board if road signs are losing their reflectivity. The Board will continue to discuss non-metallic mining issues as they come up. The Board will consider a recommendation for appointment to County Condemnation Committee.


The date for the 2014 Annual Meeting is Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 7:30PM. With no further business to come before the electors, the meeting adjourned at 9:03pm (MOTION: Guenther/ Carol Litscher), no opposing votes.


Town of Cross




Carrie A. Bissen, Clerk

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