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March Town Board Meeting
Mar 18, 2013



March Town Board Meeting

Chair Leonard Litscher called the March Town Board meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance at 7PM on Monday, March 18, 2013 at the Cross Town Hall.  Present were:  Chris Klein, Corey Kubis, Wanda Putz, Genevieve Schaffner, Bob Baures.  Errol Doerr, and some treasurer and clerk candidates.

The agenda was approved as presented (MOTION: Klein/Kubis).  Everyone present introduced themselves.  The landowner with a claim of blacktop damage to his driveway was not present and has not passed along any comments to the Board.  With lack of any current activity, the Board considers the issue dead.   The minutes of the Feb 18th, 2013 Town Board and Audit meeting were approved as presented (MOTION: Klein/Kubis).  No opposing votes.  Payment orders #12296 thru #12310 were approved and ordered paid. 

No action taken on Joos Valley Road project.  The rock price agreement with Kraemer was signed. 

The current clerk and treasurer gave a general summary of the duties of their offices.   Treasurer candidates will be interviewed March 25th.  Interviews for clerk were scheduled to begin at 7PM on Tuesday, March 26th.  Additional interviews may be scheduled at another date/time.   Second day set for April 1st. 

Leonard Litscher and Wanda Putz will check with antiques dealers for the value and disposition of surplus equipment:   20 wooden folding chairs, fire extinguisher, benches, table, telephone wall shelf, desk and a multiple pieces of chalk holder.   The Public Test of the voting equipment and election inspector training will be held on Tuesday, Mar 26th beginning at 1PM.  Spring election is April 2nd.  April town Board is set for Monday April 15th at 7PM.  Annual Meeting is Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:30PM.  Dave Johnson, a representative with CAPX2020 will present information on the project at the Annual Meeting. 

The Board granted GNP an overweight exemption, but GNP will honor the spring road bans. Pharmaceutical waste clean sweep on Saturday, April 27th in the Buffalo County Courthouse parking lot from 10AM to 2PM.

At 9PM, with no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned (MOTION: Klein/Kubis). 

Genevieve Schaffner, Clerk

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