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Town of Cross                                                                                                                                           State of Wisconsin Buffalo County, Wisconsin                                                     




            WHEREAS WI SS 60.55 (1) directs the town board to provide for fire protection for the town.

            WHEREAS WI SS 60.55(2) allows the town to join with another town, village or city to establish a joint fire department in order to provide fire protection services to the town.

            WHEREAS the Town of Cross, Buffalo County, WI is a member of the Fountain City Community Fire Association (FCCFA) along with the municipalities of City of Fountain City, Town of Buffalo, and Town of Milton.

            WHEREAS FCCFA has critical need to update an outdated, inadequate fire station and an outdated, inadequate fire truck in order to ensure current and future fire protection services for the participants of FCCFA.

            WHEREAS the FCCFA Board of Directors has proposed the construction of a new fire station and the purchase of a new fire truck.

            THEREFORE, the Town of Cross Board resolves to contribute the sum of up to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) toward the construction of a new fire station and up to Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) toward the acquisition of a new fire truck for the FCCFA.

            FURTHER, be it resolved that approving expenditure shall be subject to the condition that each of the other three participating member municipalities of FCCFA contribute identical sums toward the construction of a new fire station and acquisition of a new truck.

            FURTHER, be it resolved that approving expenditure is conditioned upon the new fire station being erected upon land owned by the FCCFA in the City of Fountain City.

            FURTHER, be it resolved that approving expenditure is conditioned upon the FCCFA Board of Directors approving the contract to be let for construction of the new fire station.

            FURTHER, be it resolved that the Town of Cross Board will advance the town’s share of reasonable, but unforeseen expenses and change orders associated with construction of the new fire station provided the aggregate total of same do not exceed the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000), and provided the other participating municipalities share equally in payment of such expenses and change orders.

Resolution adopted by Town of Cross Board at a duly noticed monthly meeting on this 13th day of June, 2018.

By:  _Leonard Litscher___________________               Attest: _____Carrie Venner-Adams_________

            Town of Cross Chairman                                            Town of Cross Clerk






 Town of Cross Resolution # 2016-1            

WHEREAS, local government in Wisconsin is responsible for about 90% of the road miles in the state; and,

WHEREAS, towns are responsible for over 50% of the road miles in the state; and,

WHEREAS, Wisconsin’s diverse economy is dependent upon county and town roads, as well as urban streets and transit systems across the state; and,

WHEREAS, according to “Filling Potholes: A New Look at Funding Local Transportation in Wisconsin,” commissioned by the Local Government Institute of Wisconsin the condition of Wisconsin’s highways is now in the bottom third of the country; and,

WHEREAS, according the same research municipal transportation spending has declined from $275 per capita in 2000 to $227 in 2012, which is less than it was in 1986; and,

WHEREAS, state funding for local roads in Wisconsin has failed to keep up with costs over the past several decades, which has adversely affected local transportation finances; and,

WHEREAS, levy limits do not allow local government to make up for the deterioration of state funding; and,

WHEREAS, Wisconsin’s over-reliance on borrowing eats away at the state’s segregated funding sources – the state gas tax and vehicle registration fees – which increasingly pay debt service rather than fund transportation needs; and,

WHEREAS, safety is a primary concern and responsibility of local governments across Wisconsin, and unfortunately, according to TRIP, a national non-profit transportation research group, Wisconsin had 347 non-interstate, rural road fatalities in 2013; and,

WHEREAS, we recognize that all of the interstate, state, and local road systems play a vital role in the economy of Wisconsin and must be properly maintained in order for our economy to grow; and,

WHEREAS, from a competitive standpoint Wisconsin motorists pay significantly less than any of our neighbors when you combine the annual cost of the state gas tax and vehicle registration fees; and,

WHEREAS, the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission, appointed by the Governor and Legislature clearly found that if Wisconsin does not adjust its user fees, the condition of both our state and local roads will deteriorate significantly over the next decade.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Cross Town Board to urge the Governor and Legislature to Just Fix It and agree upon a solution that includes a responsible level of bonding and adjusts our user fees to adequately and sustainably fund Wisconsin’s transportation system. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town Board directs the Clerk to send a copy of this resolution to the Wisconsin Towns Association our State Legislators and to Governor Scott Walker. 


Adopted September 14th, 2016


Leonard Litscher, Town Chair

Corey Kubis, Town Supervisor

Adam Litscher,  Town Supervisor


Attest: Carrie Venner, Town Clerk