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Disaster Declaration
Jul 21, 2017






            WHEREAS on July 19-20,a disaster, namely flash flooding and heavy rains has struck the Town of Cross; and

            WHEREAS,  because of such emergency conditions, the Town of Cross Board is unable to meet with promptness; and

            WHEREAS,  it is necessary and expedient for the health, safety, welfare and good order of the Town of Cross  to proclaim that emergency conditions exits; and 

            WHEREAS,  the disaster has caused the Town of Cross to expand, commit and exhaust all of its available resources; and

            WHEREAS,  the Town of Cross is asking for county assistance and requests the county to advise the State of Wisconsin of our emergency conditions:

            NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to sections 323.11 and 323.14 (4) of the Wisconsin Statutes, as Chief Elected Official of the Town of Crossin testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and have caused the great seal of the Town of Crossto be affixed.

            Done at the Town of Cross Hall this 21 day of July, 2017.



Leonard Litscher

Chief Elected Official



NOTE: Under 323.14(4)(b), Stats., this proclamation shall be subject to ratification, alteration, modification or repeal by the governing body as soon as that body can meet, but the subsequent action taken by the governing body shall not affect the proper validity of this proclamation. 

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